2019 New England Security EXPO Platinum Sponsor

Welcome to the Boston Chapter!

The chapter had a fantastic 2018 culminating with the 60th Anniversary celebration for the chapter in November and a fun filled Holiday networking celebration in December. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support of the chapter in 2018, our sponsors. Your continued sponsorship was a key to the success we achieved in 2018.

As we head into 2019, the volunteer members of the Executive Board and Committee Chairs are dedicated to serving you and maintaining the vitality of the chapter in the coming year.  We strive to provide you with chapter events, education sessions, and certification classes of quality and value.

We have a full calendar for 2019. We hope to see you at the following events:

 2/6: Luncheon meeting and TD Garden Tour

3/21: Joint ASIS/IAHSS dinner meeting

5/9: Networking meeting
TBD: Career Transition Seminar

New Expo date and location. The New England Security Expo and Public Safety luncheon will be held on the 6/6 at The Lantana in Randolph.

TBD: -Volunteer Day

9/8: ASIS International GSX Security Summit in Chicago IL.

10/2: Start of 2020 Executive Board nomination process
10:16 at 4:00pm: End of 2020 Executive Board nomination process.
TBD: Women in Security event
10/24: Dinner meeting
10/28 to 10/31: CPP/PCI/PSP Review classes
10/31: Start of Online voting for 2020 Executive Board

11/13: End of Online voting for 2020 Executive Board

12/9: Holiday Celebration Networking Meeting

Spring 2020

[See Full Calendar]

I would like to welcome Steve Bertoni, Vice Chair, and Stewart Prue, Secretary, who will join Paul Baratta and I on the Executive Board. The 2017 the Board voted to experiment with the structure of the Executive Board by designating someone to serve as Assistant Treasurer. This additional role is in recognition of the size of our chapter and the complexity of the Treasurer’s duties. Bob Nicol, 2018-chapter Secretary, has been appointed to fill this role in 2019.  I want to thank Marty Patnaude Riley for her valuable service as Vice Chair in 2018. Marty has a long history of volunteering her time for the success of the chapter including serving as Chapter Chair in 2002 and 2003. Thankfully Marty has agreed to continue her service to the chapter by being Communications Chair in 2019.

I want to close by reminding members that we are always looking for new volunteers on the volunteer board or committees, to share goals and visions for the chapter. Please visit the Chapter website, a resource for you for coming events, industrywide events, the newsletter, a tool for communicating with your volunteer leaders, and other valuable information. We want Boston to be a successful chapter. Please feel free to reach out to any Board members or Committee Chairs with any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have. This is your chapter, your input is greatly valued.  

Thank you,

Joe Crowley, CPP
Chapter Chair
ASIS International Boston Chapter