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Chapter Officers - 2015

Chair, Alexis Rossetti
Vice Chair, Shannon Roddy
Secretary, Richard Zupan
Treasurer, James J. Healey, CPP, CFE

Membership Committee
Rebecca Coburn, CPP, CHPA

Boston Chapter Life Members
Richard J. Barry, CPP
John T. Clifford
Edward G. Goulart, CPP
Raymond F. Humphey, CPP
Clarence Earle Jenkins
Robert F. Johnston
Gerard J. Lavoie
Bonnie S. Michelman, CPP, CHPA
John P. O'Neill
Peter C. Taylor

Past Chapter Officers

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

Joseph O’Connell, John Whittier, Lawrence J. Romano

Lawrence J. Romano, Cornelius T. Sullivan, Vincent A. Coates, Victor P. McDavitt

Charles B. Bateman, Vincent A. Coates, Victor P. McDavit,t Richard C. Robin

Victor P McDavitt, Richard C. Robin, Peter J. Davidian, Thomas H. Grady

Richard C. Robin, Peter J. Davidian, Arthur P. Fisher, Ivan H. Rutherford

Ivan H. Rutherford, Lawrence J. Romano, Joseph E. Ewers, Robert W. Canfield

Joseph E. Ewers, Robert W. Canfield, Francis A. Tenore, Albert S. Davis

Robert W. Canfield, Albert S. Davis, Francis A. Tenore, John F. Bauer

Albert S. Davis, Gilbert M. Hewins, John F. Bauer, Robert J. Vinsec

Gilbert M. Hewins, Paul J. Breslin, James L. Mahoney, Milton L. Parks

Edward G. Goulart, Milton L. Parks, Thomas L. Johnson, John J. Skinner

Daniel J. Griffin, Timothy F. Moran, Jeanne T. Baston,i Albert W. Gubbins

Timothy F. Moran, Jeanne T. Baston,i Edwin O. Wing, Larry G. Gulledge

Paul O. McManus, Edwin O. Wing, Mary G. Cooper, George L. Ostertag

Paul J. Breslin, Paul L. Doherty, Richard Russack, Robert E. Buttrick

Edwin O. Wing, Richard Russack, Robert E. Buttrick, Joseph H. Sheehan

Paul L. Doherty, James W. O’Neil, Robert F. Johnson, Joseph H. Sheehan

John P. Manning, Paul O. McManus, Nancy Bodenstein, Elizabeth Mahoney

John V. Pulcini, John P. O’Neill, Richard L. Rowe, Elizabeth Mahoney

John P. O’Neill, C.G. McLaughlin, Jr., George H. Byrne, Elizabeth Mahoney

Raymond A. Unzeld, Joseph S. Snyder Gerald J. Lavoie William Gallivan, Jr.

Leonard M. Frisoli, John T. Clifford, Francis T. Leonard, Bruce K. Kunz

Joseph A. Barry, Joseph S. Snyder, Henry W. DiCarlo, Thomas R. Mulloney

Robert F. Johnson, Joseph S. Snyder, John J. Swanson, Thomas R. Mulloney

Richard T. Guilmette, Thomas R. Mulloney, John J. Swanson, Richard J. Barry

Philip W. Stewart, John T. Connelly, Margaret F. Strachan, Richard J. Barry

John T. Connelly, CPP, Edward J. Dunham, David F. Hall, Joyce E. Tuggle

Roy S. Murphy, CPP, David P. Hall, Susan E. Cain, James G. McMahon

Roy S. Murphy, CPP, Dennis M. Crowley, Linnell Trimbell, Susan E. Cain

Richard J. Barry, CPP, August Niewenhous, III, CPP, James J. Healey, CPP, Susan E. Cain

August Niewenhous, III, CPP, Susan E. Cain, James J. Healey, CPP, Michael H. Chovanes

Susan E. Cain, Michael H. Chovanes, CPP, Norman D. Bates, Esq., Bonnie S. Michelman, CPP

Michael H. Chovanes, CPP, Bonnie S. Michelman, CPP, James J. Healey, CPP, Norman D. Bates, Esq.

Bonnie S. Michelman, CPP, Norman D. Bates, Esq., Harvey E. Brandt, CPP, James J. Healey, CPP

Norman D. Bates, Esq., James J. Healey, CPP, Michael J. Pepe, CPP, Harvey E. Brandt, CPP

James J. Healey, CPP, Harvey E. Brandt, CPP, JosephT. Flueckiger, CPP, Michael J. Pepe, CPP

Harvey E. Brandt, CPP, Michael J. Pepe, CPP, Rebecca Coburn, JosephT. Flueckiger, CPP

Michael J. Pepe, CPP, JosephT. Flueckiger, CPP, Scot D. Barry, Rebecca Coburn

Rebecca Coburn, Scot D. Barry, Paul M. Montminy, Joseph T. Flueckiger, CPP

Scot D. Barry, William J. Jaillet, CPP, David M. Cullen, Joseph T. Flueckiger, CPP

William J. Jaillet, CPP, David M. Cullen, Richard K. Avery, Joseph T. Flueckiger, CPP

David M. Cullen, Richard K. Avery, Marty. A. Patnaude, CPP, Joseph T. Flueckiger, CPP

Richard K. Avery, Marty A. Patnaude, CPP, Craig McQuate, CPP, Joseph T. Flueckiger, CPP

Marty A. Patnaude, CPP, Craig A. McQuate, CPP, James J. Joly, Joseph T. Flueckiger, CPP

Marty A. Patnaude, CPP, Craig A. McQuate, CPP, David A. Spector, Joseph T. Flueckiger, CPP

Craig A. McQuate, CPP, David A. Spector George W. Guilfoy Deodato M. Arruda, CPP

David A. Spector, George W. Guilfoy, Phil W. Stewart, CPP, Deodato M. Arruda, CPP

George Guilfoy, Philip W. Stewart, CPP, CPP Eleonora Tumbiolo, John E. McFadden

Eleonora Tumbiolo, Philip W. Stewart, CPP Linda M. Watson, CPP, James J. Healey CPP

Philip W. Stewart, CPP, Craig A. McQuate, CPP, Tom Smith, James J. Healey, CPP

Craig A. McQuate, CPP, Dick Parry, CPP, Jennifer Goba, CPP, James J. Healey, CPP

Dick Parry, CPP, Jennifer Goba, CPP, Jeff DiPremio, Dennis M. Crowley III

Jennifer Goba, CPP, Dave Corbin, CPP, Michael A. Art, Dennis M. Crowley III

Jennifer Goba, CPP, Dave Corbin, CPP, Ashley N. Ditta, James J. Healey, CPP

Dave Corbin, CPP, Ashley N. Ditta, Alexis Rosetti, James J. Healey, CPP

Ashley N. Ditta, Alexis Rosetti, Shannon Roddy, James J. Healey, CPP

Physical Security Professionals

Don Aviv
Bradford Baker
Brian Boyer
Ronald Brevard
Kurtis Butterbaugh
Christopher Dorr
Francis Gallagher
William Hall
Jacob Hartman
Glenn Hill
Joseph Hooper
Eugene Keller
Sean Keough
Robert Leahy
Joseph Lynch
Robert Nicol
John Winslow

Professional Certified Investigators

Robert Adkisson
Don Aviv
David Burns
Christopher Dorr
Raymond Dugan
Charles Lonero
John Winslow

Sheldon E. Goodman Award

During his professional life, Sheldon Goodman, CPP, exemplified what an ASIS member should be. He attended virtually every meeting of the Boston Chapter, was quick to speak to a newcomer, and vigorously invited others to attend meetings. Sheldon supported the CPP program, frequently mentored younger members, attended many chapter sponsored workshops and readily accepted invitations to assist the chapter in any way possible.

ASIS International believes that thriving chapters are built by members, such as Sheldon, who faithfully support the goals of the organization, and who many times work quietly behind the scenes to promote its ideals. It is fitting that this award given in Sheldon’s memory be presented annually to a Boston Chapter ASIS Member who has benefited the chapter in one or more of these ways.

Each year the current Chapter Chairperson shall invite all Boston Chapter Members, including Board Members, to make written nominations for worthy recipients of the Sheldon E. Goodman Award. Nominations should include the name of the nominee, a brief description of the reason for the nomination and should be signed by the nominator. The Board and two members at large will select a winner from all nominations received and present the winning nomination at a subsequent chapter meeting.

2002 Award Recipient
Phillip E. Brzezinski

2003 Award Recipient
Lawrence J. DiGiusto, Sr

2004 Award Recipient
Joseph C. Nelson, CPP

2005 Award Recipients
Needham Fire Department/
American Red Cross

2006 Award Recipient
No Award

2007 Award Recipient
Robert Michalski, CPP

2008 Award Recipient
James J. Healey, CPP

2009 Award Recipient
Rebecca Coburn, CPP

2010 Award Recipient
Michael J. Pepe, CPP

2011 Award Recipient
Harold Murphy

Distinguished Service Award

The Joseph E. Ewers Distinguished Service Award was established in 1985 by the ASIS Boston Chapter to recognize members in a special manner for their exceptionally dedicated and distinguished service to the Boston Chapter, the Society, and the security profession over a long period of time. Service to the Boston Chapter is a fundamental criterion and is the cornerstone on which the candidate is judged.

The award is a tribute to the memory of Joseph Ewers, a longtime member of the Society and a founding member of the Boston Chapter in 1958. Mr. Ewers was the seventh Chairman of the Boston Chapter and instituted many of the activities now in place, such as the monthly newsletter and off-site dinner meetings.

1985 Edward G. Goulart, CPP
1986 John P. Manning, CPP
1987 John P O’Neill
1988 John J. Swanson
1989 William P. Indresano
1990 Robert D. Michalski, CPP
1991 John T. Clifford
1992 Richard J. Barry, CPP
1993 Dennis M. Crowley, Jr.
1994 Bonnie S. Michelman, CPP
1995 Peter C. Taylor
1996 James J. Healey, CPP             
1997 Harvey E. (Skip) Brandt, CPP
1998 No award
1999 Joseph T. Flueckiger, CPP
2000 John P. O’Neill
2001 David M. Cullen
2002 Mark H. Beaudry, CPP
2003 Rebecca Coburn, CPP
2004 Marty A. Patnaude, CPP
2005 No award
2006 No award
2007 David Spector
2008 Philip W. Stewart, CPP
2009 James Stankevich

John P. Manning Leadership Fund Award

The John P. Manning Leadership Fund Award was established to honor John Manning, a longtime Security Manager for EG&G, Honeywell and Bull. John was a dedicated professional and dear friend of the Boston Chapter who touched the lives and careers of an untold number of security professionals. They have in turn benefitted their employers and their profession by emulating his noteworthy standards.

An ASIS Foundation endowment fund was established to memorialize the purpose for which John stood. The emphasis of the fund is to inspire leadership in the practice of security management and to assist in the career development of security practitioners. In addition, the Manning Golf Tournament is held each spring to remember John and to add to the endowment fund, so more funds may be distributed to worthy causes. Sponsorship of holes and events are also offered, and these contributions go directly to the Manning Fund as a tax-deductible donation to further build the fund’s core.

The annual yield of the John P. Manning Endowment is available
for distribution as:

  • A national leadership grant to encourage mentorship in thesecurity profession. The intent is to assist in the career development of a security person who has been recognized as a mentor to others in the profession; and/or
  • An academic scholarship award for a family member of an ASIS member; or
  • A designated qualified charity with no geographical limitations.

Prior Recipients


Elyse Gatt- matching winner
Tyson Streich
Patrick Luippold
Zachary J. Brandt
Leanne Avery
Katherin Skordinski
Chantel Ann Messier
Jordan Beaudry
Ross McQuate
Abigail Nelson
Danielle Jolly
Steven M Lundbohm
Alivia Martin
Anthony E. DiVirgililio
Payitbackpack.org (charity)

Kyle Cullen    
Julia Pasquarella              
Daniel Joly                         
Alivia Martin                     
Christopher Moore         
Katherine Skordinski       
Chantel Messier               
Jordan Beaudry                

Jordan Beaudry
Chantel Messier
Craig Forcina
Michael Bush
Jamie Byron
Mirah Pero
Danielle Joly
Kyle Cullen
Julia Pasquarella
Christina DeVirgillo

Kyle S. Cullen
Kaitlyn Curran
Julia K. Pasquarella
Miriah J. Pero
Timothy Snow

Heaps of Hope
Cops for Cnacer
Boston Food Bank
Mission of Deeds
Mark Beaudry
Kaitlyn Kulesz
Megan Kuesz
Chris Sproul
Erin Connelly
Jill Connelly
William Schroder
Mat Kuelsz
Cody Allat
Leanne Avery
Kaitlin Milaschuski

Megan Bennett
Jason Blanchard
Mario Pero
Stephen Aborn
Jeff Elwood
Henry DiCarlo

Ryan Smedile
Erica Patnaude
Jeff Clark
Melody Foster
Stephen Saravara
Greater Boston Food Bank

Kyle O’Neil
Erica Patnaude
Jamie Ann Bennett

Ryan Smedile
Erica Patnaude
Jeff Clark
Melody Foster
Stephen Saravara
Greater Boston Food Bank

Kyle O’Neil
Erica Patnaude
Jamie Ann Bennett

Brett Rand
Jamie Ann Bennett
Kristen Avery
Theresa Timmons
Matthew DiCarlo

William R. Schroeder, Jr.
Matthew DiCarlo
Ryan Fawcett
Michael Brzezinski
Holy Foster
Brett Rand
Casey Ann Dugan
Eric Grant
CHIP, Inc.

William R. Schroeder, Jr.
Jason R. Parry
Michael Brzezinski
Casey Ann Dugan
James J. Healey
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Cape Head Injured Persons’
Housing & Education Group,
Inc. (CHIP)

William R. Schroeder, Jr.
Katherine E. Bourque
Michael J. Clifford
Shaun P. McDermott
Leah Coviello
Lance Richards
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Leah Coviello                      
Carolyn S. Elliott
Nicholas Winslow
Amy E. Johnston
Danielle Demers
Jason R. Parry
William R. Driscoll
Nani’s Room
CHIP, Inc.

Mark Dunderdale
Jillian Murphy
Eric Sawyer
Michael Doheney
Danielle Demers
Jeffrey McManus
Jason Parry
CHIP, Inc.

Robert V. Saia
Nicholas M. Dunn
Thomas Guilmette
Michael J. Doheney
Reginald J. Steele
CHIP, Inc.

Julie Clifford
Dennis Crowley, III
Darlene Meehan
Dayra Chorey
Craig DeOld
CHIP, Inc.

Gregory M. Dunn
Jean P. Jaillet
Craig DeOld
Sudden Infant Death
Syndrome Assoc.
CHIP, Inc.
Salvation Army,
Oklahoma City