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ASIS currently offers three certification programs:

Certified Protection Professional (CPP™)
Preeminent designation awarded to individuals whose primary responsibilities are in security management and who have demonstrated advanced knowledge in security solutions and best business practices.

Professional Certified Investigator (PCI™)
Technical designation award to those individuals whose primary responsibilities are to conduct investigations and who have demonstrated in-depth operational knowledge and competence in this area.

Physical Security Professional (PSP™)
Technical designation awarded to those individuals whose primary responsibilities are to conduct physical security surveys, design integrated security systems, or install, operate or maintain those systems and who have demonstrated in-depth operational knowledge and competence in this area.

Certification Chair:
Rebecca Coburn Bassi, CPP, CHPA

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Certified Protection Professionals

First Name Last Name Designation
Robert Adkisson CPP, PCI, PSP
James Afshar CPP
Mark Avery CPP
Richard Avery CPP
Stephen Baker CPP
Carl Banks CPP
Richard Barry CPP
Daniel Bayer CPP
Mark Beaudry CPP
Steven Blais CPP
Scott Bloom CPP
Chris Bolton CPP
Russell Bouchard CPP
Paul Bouffard CPP
Brian Boyer PSP
Harvey Brandt CPP
Francis Breen CPP
Ronald Brevard CPP, PSP
Keith Brown PCI
Edward Buckland CPP
David Burns PCI
Michael Bush PSP
Michelle Byrne CPP, PSP
Stephan Cannellos CPP
Kevin Cardonne CPP
John Carmichael PSP
James Carroll PCI
Joshua Carver CPP
Timothy Casey CPP
John Chapin CPP
Christine Chateauneuf CPP
Donald Cherry PSP
Robert Chicarello CPP
Paul Chochrek CPP
Zygmunt Choroszy PCI
Mark Cicciu CPP
Rebecca Coburn CPP
Frederick Coe CPP
John Connelly CPP
Brian Conroy CPP
David Corbin CPP
Thomas Cottini CPP
Joseph Crowley CPP
Justin Cullinan CPP
Lawrence Curran CPP
Patrick Curran CPP
James Cuthbertson CPP
Mark Daly CPP
John Daniels CPP
Gregory Dawe CPP
Bruce Dean CPP
Robert DeFlaminis CPP
Tanya DeGenova CPP
Scott Derby CPP
Robert Devlin CPP
Ronald Dills CPP
David DiNapoli CPP
Samuel Docknevich PSP
Joseph Donoghue CPP
Christopher Dorr CPP, PCI, PSP
Malcolm Dow CPP
Raymond Dugan CPP, PCI
Barry DunKley CPP
Ryan Dunne CPP
Adam Elias CPP
Thomas Fagan CPP
Steven Farquharson CPP
Joseph Flueckiger CPP
Joseph Frawley CPP
Michele Freadman CPP
Francis Gallagher PSP
Dale Gigandet CPP
Scott Glynn CPP
Jennifer Goba CPP
Gregory Gorman CPP, PSP
William Goss CPP
Richard Grassie CPP
George Gray CPP
Donald Hagerty CPP
Jacob Hartman PSP
William Hawthorne CPP
Christopher Hayes CPP
James Healey CPP
Michael Higgins CPP
Gerald Holmes PSP
Stephen Howard CPP
Raymond Humphrey CPP
Daniel Irwin PSP
Anthony Itrich CPP
Eugene Keller CPP, PSP
Thomas Kelley PSP
Sean Keough CPP, PSP
John King CPP
Richard King CPP
Christopher Lanni CPP
Robert Leahy CPP, PSP
Howard Levinson CPP
Ryan Levison CPP, PSP
Lawrence L'Heureux CPP
Mark Loiselle CPP
Bernadette Lundbohm CPP
Joseph Lynch PSP
Enrico Maldari CPP
James Marcella PSP
Daniel Martin CPP
Alfonso Martiniello CPP
Lawrence McAnneny CPP
Thomas McGinn PSP
James McGuirk CPP
Stephen McKinnon CPP
William McLaughlin CPP
Stephen McLavey PSP
Gregory McNiff CPP
Craig McQuate CPP
Rick Mercuri CPP
Robert Michalski CPP
Bonnie Michelman CPP
Bruce Mitchell CPP
Paul Montminy CPP
Kevin Moore CPP
Michael Morrissey CPP
John Mulattieri CPP
Frederick Mullen CPP
Roy Murphy CPP
James Murray PSP
Joseph Nelson CPP
John O'Connor CPP, PSP
Martha Patnaude CPP
Michael Pepe CPP
William Pepler CPP
Pamela Perini PSP
Elliot Perkins PSP
Ake Pettersson PSP
Michael Phillips CPP
Christopher Provan CPP
Thomas Ray CPP
Stephen Rodenhiser CPP
Frank Rudewicz CPP
Roger Rueda PSP
Robert Ryan CPP
Daniel Sauvageau CPP
Richard Savickas PCI
David Sawyer CPP
Thomas Schladenhauffen CPP
Michael Scott CPP
Donavan Seay CPP
David Seeley CPP
Donald Selby CPP
Robert Shickel CPP
Alan Snow CPP
David Spector CPP
Reginald Steele CPP
Nicholas Stefantsiv PSP
Philip Stewart CPP
Michael Stygles CPP
Pamela Swanson CPP
Jay Thomas CPP
Matthew Thomas CPP
Robert Treutlein PSP
Georgi Tsanov PSP
Matthew Vaughan CPP
Brian Walsh CPP
Linda Watson CPP
Scott Watson CPP
Michael Weintraub CPP
Bradley White CPP
John Winslow CPP, PSP
John Wojcik CPP
Mark Workman CPP
William Yacopucci CPP