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Message from Paul Baratta, Chair - ASIS Boston Chapter

2023 is here and with the new year comes a new ASIS Boston Chapter leadership board. When I was elected Chapter Treasurer in 2016, I thought I would take on that position for a year or two. I’ve had the honor to hold the position of Vice Chair as well for the last 3 years since 2019.  My time on the Board has been rewarding and one objective that I have had since joining the Board, is to grow our new membership with younger professionals. Our 2023 Board reflects that objective with Kelsey Carnell, Matt Gagnon, and Elliot Perkins. All well established and respected young professionals in the security world.

I’m proud to lead such a diverse group of dedicated board members, who are willing to give their time to the ASIS Boston Chapter, not only to meet with other members, but to improve the entire Chapter.  We are only as good as our volunteer members and many of you over the years have dedicated your time and sweat to grow our Chapter to one of the most recognized in ASIS and one of the oldest. I have big shoes to fill, we have had incredible leaders of the Chapter over the years.  Some who have risen to ASIS International, National, and regional positions.  I want to thank Steve Bertoni for all that he has done to guide our Chapter through the pandemic and has worked tirelessly to ensure we came out the other end, stronger.

Our objectives this year is to get back to in person meetings, with quality speakers and learning about different security fields.  Most importantly, to have the opportunity to network and learn from our large and incredibly talented Boston based security professionals.  We have members from all walks of life, incredible diversity, and from many facets of the security profession.  This is what makes our Chapter great.  Our members are always open to help others succeed.  My own personal experience has been that members have given me great advice, shared knowledge, and have made me a better professional.  I believe that it is my duty to continue this tradition, to mentor and help others succeed.  I hope that you are the same and will join us at our meetings, the 2023 New England Security Expo on April 27th in Boxboro, MA, and if you have the time meet some of our younger members and mentor them and in turn listen to their ideas.  We need their expertise and your help, if you can volunteer for a committee or just some of your valuable time, you are helping others succeed and there is no better way to leave a legacy.

Our Chapter is in a great position to continue to lead ASIS, not just locally, but internationally.  I’m proud to say that I am a member of the ASIS Boston Chapter because of you, our members.  I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at our meetings this year and of course at the Expo, which promises to be an incredible event with top tier training, speakers, and partners showing their latest solutions and products.

2023 is the year of growth for ASIS Boston, come on and join us in continuing to be an internationally recognized leader in security professionals.

Thank you,

Paul Baratta
Chapter Chair
ASIS International Boston Chapter