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Call for Nominations for the Sheldon E Goodman, CPP Award
Deadline: Nominations are due November 3, 2017

The Boston chapter is pleased to announce that is it accepting nominations for the 2017 Sheldon E. Goodman, CPP award. This honor, given in memory of long-time chapter member Sheldon Goodman, CPP, is presented annually to a member who faithfully supports the goals of the organization and who many times works quietly behind the scenes to promote its ideals.

During his professional life, Sheldon exemplified what an ASIS member should be.  He attended virtually every meeting of the Boston Chapter, was quick to speak to a newcomer and vigorously invited others to attend meetings.  Sheldon supported the CPP program, frequently mentored younger members, attended many Chapter sponsored workshops and readily accepted invitations to assist the Chapter in any way possible. 

In addition to having strong leaders, ASIS International and the Boston Chapter believe that members such as Sheldon build thriving chapters.  It is fitting that this award given in Sheldon’s memory be presented each year to a Boston Chapter ASIS member who has benefited the Chapter in one or more of these ways. 

Each year, the current Chapter Chairman invites all Boston Chapter Members to make written nominations to the current Board for worthy recipients of the Goodman Award.  Nominations should include the name of the nominee, a brief description of the reason for the nomination and the nominator’s contact information.  Nominations shall be evaluated by the current Board plus two members at large, and the winning nomination shall be presented at a subsequent chapter meeting. 

Please submit your nominations to Rich Zupan, Awards Chairperson at richard_zupan@identicard.com.  Nominations are due by November 3, 2017.