2023 New England Security EXPO Platinum Sponsors


Much to our disappointment, our EXPO location, Lantana’s in Randolph, notified us they are closing in late October. As a result, we cannot hold our EXPO on November 4th as planned. This is another tragic impact of the pandemic. Our committee has consulted with members of the ASIS board. Instead of rushing to find another location, we have decided that in order to ensure people’s safety and maximize the success of the EXPO, we will reschedule for Spring of 2022 - especially given unknowns regarding the current virus variant.

We will use this time to find a new location and to ensure we have the most sensational EXPO this spring that we have ever had. 

Any ideas for location, speakers, etc. can be submitted to me at Bmichelman@partners.org

Any exhibitor questions or issues can be sent to Jim Stankevich at jamesstankevich@gmail.com

We are all saddened by this turn of events as we were looking forward to being together so very much.  We feel that this decision is prudent and we expect to have an amazing event this spring!  A new date and location will be sent out as soon as we can.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and be safe.

Bonnie Michelman
2021 New England EXPO Chairperson