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January 25, 2018 Dinner Meeting
Topic: IoT, 802.11, GAP, 802.15.4, GATT. The Alphabet Soup of Cybersecurity and what you should know to be Secure.

Thursday, January 25, 2018
5:00pm: Registration and Cocktail Reception
6:00pm: Dinner

Partners Healthcare Headquarters Building
399 Revolution Drive
Somerville, MA 02145
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Cost / Registration:
$35.00 / Person
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Speaker and Event Information

Senior Physical and Cyber Security Consultant Alan Yanikowski will be discussing a variety of High-level cyber and physical Security issues faced by utilities and many other organizations. His focus will be his extensive experience with utilities, but these principles are applicable with all entities regardless of the vertical market. Mr. Yanikowski will review a number of areas associated with the topic and include some best practices.

Alan Yankowski
Senior Physical and Cyber Security Consultant, TRC Engineers

Alan Yankowski joined TRC Engineers in 2015 as a Physical and Cyber Security Consultant. In this role, Mr. Yankowski provides physical and cyber security consulting services to electric and gas utilities, chemical facilities, transportation agencies, state and local government facilities and port facilities. Prior to this role, Mr. Yankowski was the NERC CIP Technical Manager for NRG Energy, Inc., where he developed a nation-wide cyber compliance program to protect the electric grid including assessment, planning, remediation, procedure development, drills, training and on-site audit defense.

Mr. Yankowski is a 2011 graduate of the Idaho National Labs Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Advanced Training (Red/Blue Team exercises) in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He has experience in a broad array of security programs / methodologies including CFATS, NERC CIP, FEMA 426/452, FEMA 455 IRVS, and FTA.

Mr. Yankowski will be addressing the many challenges of security in the utility world. These challenges are also faced in everyday life by other entities, employees, managers, and people in general. Some of the physical and cyber security topics to be covered will include; breaches vs. attacks (from Equifax to the Ukraine Power Grid attack), What’s the difference between IT and OT, Access Control versus Process Control, Are there any standards, Where does Perimeter Security begin, Incident Response, Risk and Threat Assessments, The Human Element, The Technology Dilemma and other items. This meeting stands to be one of the most informative security meetings in some time, with a full focus on physical and cyber security.