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Webinar: Workplace Violence - Managing the Program

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Sponsored By: Utilities Security Council

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$10.00 / Person
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United Security, Inc.
100 Cambridgeside Place
Cambridge, MA 02141
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About the webinar
Learn how ConocoPhillips has leveraged best practices to create a comprehensive workplace violence (WPV) awareness program and how this information is disseminated to the employee base. Get tips on behaviors of concern and how they are reported, investigated, and resolved.

Learning objectives

  • Define and describe a sample WPV policy.
  • Present common behavioral signs and other indicators of potential workplace violence.
  • Provide techniques to diffuse a potentially violent situation.
  • Explain how security influences workplace violence.
  • Outline how to respond to WPV.

Target audience

Supervisory and managerial staff in particular, but is applicable to all employees.

About the speaker
Luis H. Morales, CPP

Luis H. Morales, CPP, is currently Director, Physical & Technical Security, ConocoPhillips where he has been since 2007. He has held corporate security positions for 35 years in the high technology, transportation, DoD, and energy sectors. He was formerly a corporate security manager at the following: Duke Energy, Inc., Charlotte, NC; Apple Computer, Inc., Elk Grove, California; Solectron Technology, Regional Security Manager, Charlotte, NC; Johnson Controls World Services, Sacramento Army Depot, Sacramento, California.

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