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New England Security EXPO 2019 Thursday, June 6, 2019

Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon - Keynote Speaker
FBI Special Agent, Thomas O'Connor

The Boston Chapter of ASIS International is pleased to announce that FBI Special Agent Tom O’Connor will be our honored guest speaker at the Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon.  The Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon is in conjunction with our New England Security Expo on June 6th, Lantana, Randolph.

SA O’Connor will be speaking with us about racially motivated extremists during his presentation, “The Changing Face of Hate."

Special Agent (SA) Thomas O’Connor entered on duty with the FBI in 1997. SA O’Connor was assigned to work in the Washington Field Office on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. During this time SA O’Connor has worked both International and Domestic Terrorism cases.

Prior to entering on duty with the FBI, SA O’Connor was a Police Officer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. SA O’Connor worked for 15 years as a Municipal Officer leaving for the FBI at the rank of Detective Sergeant. As a Police Officer, SA O’Connor specialized in narcotics and violent gang

SA O’Connor is the program coordinator for investigations involving criminal activity / violence
conducted by rightwing extremists in the Washington Field office area of responsibility. These
investigations include neo-Nazi and other hate based groups and lone actors. SA O’Connor was
Case Agent for both the Pentagon lone offender shooting and the Family Research Council lone
offender shooting.

SA O’Connor is a Team Leader on the Washington Field Office, Evidence Response Team (WFO
ERT). In this capacity, SA O’Connor has led forensic teams to multiple terrorist attacks around
the globe. These deployments include the 1998 Nairobi Embassy bombing, 2 deployments to
Kosovo in 1999 for war crimes investigations, 2000 USS Cole attack in Aden Yemen, 9-11 attack
on the US Pentagon, 2006 attack on the US Consulate in Karachi Pakistan, 6 deployments to Iraq
and 3 deployments to Afghanistan. SA O’Connor specializes in Post Blast Investigation and
shooting reconstruction evidence recovery.

In 2005 SA O’Connor was assigned to investigate hostage takings in Iraq Theater of operations.
During this deployment SA O’Connor was involved in the rescue of US Citizen Roy Hallums who
had been held by extremists for 311 days.

SA O’Connor has provided instruction on Domestic and International Terrorism issues across the
United States and overseas. In 2004, SA O’Connor was awarded the Department of Justice
“Instructor of the Year” award and was named as an FBI “Master Police Instructor” in 2010. SA
O’Connor is a certified Adjunct Faculty member for the FBI Academy.

SA O’Connor is a 2011 graduate of the George C. Marshall, European Center for Security Studies,
Program on Terrorism and Security Studies in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

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